Outdoor kitchen


With a plethora of designs and products, there’s a world of opportunity to create your backyard kitchen. Start by asking what you want in an outdoor space. Maybe your desire is to have the ultimate gameday grill area or a quaint retreat for two. Think about your specific needs and future plans to build an area that fits you.

Take into consideration the layout and space. This will aid in the design process and will help to narrow down which items will work best with your square footage. For example, a large space with an owner that plans to host parties may want to have a large grill, sink, fridge, and TV. While some with smaller spaces who intend to cook for two may desire a portable grill with a small fireside and fan. Either way, depending on the need and use there are options for all! (Click to see different design styles.)

Everdure Barbeque Charcoal Grill
Everdure Barbeque Charcoal Grill

With the rise in demand for outdoor living products, there’s no longer a need to compromise your style. There are a number of firesides, grills, furniture pieces, and outdoor kitchen appliances to choose from that are both high quality as well as a statement piece!

backyard kitchen


Before getting carried away, it’s vital to remember the current structure of your home. When choosing a grill, for example, you may be restricted to electric due to HOA rules in a condominium. Others may not have a gas line and will have to decide on either installing for a gas hook up or using propane tanks. Think about what works with your space, and what is involved with each choice. Know your guidelines and zone in on a product from there.

Outdoor kitchen


Decide what kind of features will work with the design in mind. This can include; an outdoor fridge, fans, heaters, counter space for food prep, and more! Each space will have different features depending on the use. When investing in an outdoor getaway, try to anticipate future needs. The avid griller may require multi-surface grilling with a rotisserie, fridge, and outdoor sink. While a family designing for an outdoor pool cabana may want a small fridge, fan, and grill area.

Outdoor kitchen


Grills can range from $150 to around $10,000! If you’re planning an outdoor kitchen and your entire budget is $10,000 then you may want to consider a grill and appliances that will work within your desired budget. While having a spending limit is ideal, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Remember, you’re creating an outdoor dream kitchen that is an investment in your home, so try blending your budget with quality in order to have the best long term result.


At Trinity Fireside we provide a number of options for various outdoor living designs! Our company strives to provide high-quality services and products to help build your dream home. Visit our products page to see more options on outdoor living and contact us to start your design today!