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4 Ways To Use RovR Coolers Year-Round

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Football season is fast approaching and RovR products are ideal for upcoming tailgates. Use the deep-freeze dry bin to organize just like the refrigerator at home! Haul blankets, packaged foods, or game day memorabilia using the wagon bin. The dual cup holders keep drinks safely out of the way allowing you to focus on the game and most importantly the grill. This football season, be sure to pack some brats, chill some dip, and load up the drinks for the ultimate tailgate with RovR!

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Cool down by taking your RovR on a water day adventure! Whether its the pool, lake, river, or beach, use this cooler to keep food and drinks chilled for days. There’s no need to leave the water, bring the meal to you by having a picnic. Attach the BikR kit for locations nearby or simply use the Pull Beside Dual Handle for easy hauling.

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Take RovR off the grid on your next camping trip! This well-insulated cooler has up to a 10-day ice retention and durable puncture-resistant tires. Cart food and drinks easily and forget about making frequent ice runs. There’s no longer the need to worry about critters stealing food at night! RovR coolers are certified grizzly bear-resistant due to its durable design and lock points.

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It’s only a matter of time before the holidays arrive and houses are filled with friends and family. This fall, there’s no need to stress about having enough fridge space, or how to transport items. Use RovR at the next holiday party for guests to grab drinks conveniently while allowing space in your refrigerator for food.

On warmer days, move the get together outside and place RovR wherever it’s needed. When the party is over simply drain the cooler and pack away until the next event.

At Trinity Fireside we are proud to carry RovR products with their high quality and versatile use! For those interested in purchasing a cooler and want more information, be sure to contact us today!