Season Gift Basket


Big 5One shaker of each of our Hardcore Carnivore rub varieties. Pack includes:

1 x Black – our original flavor. HCB is designed to complement steaks and meats of all kinds. Black has all the standard spices and ingredients to take your steaks and meats to the next level, with the addition of one exotic ingredient… there’s charcoal in the rub!

1 x Red – Meet Hardcore Carnivore: Red. Unlike many rubs designed for pork, Hardcore Red is not particularly sweet. This allows cooks to customize their own levels of sweetness using honey/brown sugar in wraps, and finishing sauces. Colors are all natural.

1 x Amplify – turn up the savory volume and intensify the flavor of your food. This MSG-free seasoning is designed to provide an extra boost of umami to anything you sprinkle it on.

1 x Camo – adds incredible flavor to lamb and game meats, with exotic notes of coriander and fragrant spices and just the right amount of salt. Unlike many other seasonings, CAMO is designed to enhance your meat, not overpower it.

1 x Meatchelada – inspired by Texas beer salt, this premium chili lime seasoning gives your meat a zesty kick. It is great for chicken, fajitas, raw oysters, or just dressing your beer.

Shakers are full/normal size, not “sample” size. They are 12 oz shaker size each containing a net weight of: 6.25oz Black, 6.25 oz Red, 5.25 oz Amplify, 5.5oz Camo, 4.5oz Meatchelada.

All Hardcore Carnivore rubs are gluten and MSG free.



Variation : Regular

Enable Showrrom : Yes

Enable Trinity Fireside : Yes