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Pellet Stoves – Good For the Environment & Your Wallet

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Pellet Stoves

Save money while choosing a product that’s good for the environment!


Pellet stoves use cylinders of composite biomass fuel that produces a steady warming fire. These are typically made of 50% sawdust, 28% waste paper, 17% residual forest waste, and 5% agricultural product. This form of renewable energy has already prevented 4.5 million tons of carbon emissions!

Napoleon pellet sove

Say for instance a pellet stove is installed. The average annual emissions saved would be roughly 3x the impact of driving a hybrid vehicle for half the cost. These stoves are the cleanest source of solid fuel-burning heat. Along with efficiency, there are options for both freestanding and insert designs. Allowing you to choose the appliance that best suits your home.

Napoleon Pellet Burning Appliance


Okay, so it’s good for the environment… but how much will it cost? In the long run, pellets produce heat that will save on energy bills. Statistically, there is a 2-5 year payback with savings! When comparing energy bills, pellets produce 44% less than oil, 47% less than electric, and 53% less than propane!

Quadra-Fire pellet stove


These biomasses are constantly replenished and reforested, resulting in carbon absorbed when growing and equally given off when used. This results in leaving a carbon-neutral footprint. You no longer have to choose between money or the environment! Heat your home efficiently while using an eco-friendly product.

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