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Enjoy The Outdoors & Increase the Value Of Your Home

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Outdoor living

As summer comes to an end, there are still many days to be enjoyed outdoors by having a year-round backyard retreat. There are a number of ways to create an elegant space that functions as comfortably as indoors. Utilizing this space increases your home value and maximizes the use of every square foot.


Think of your backyard as an extension of the indoors. For example, extend color pallets, furniture style, and fixtures to the outside. Take the overall look and consider the amount of square footage available. Designing around these will help guide in the steps to create a cohesive extension of your home. In addition, focus on the intention of the space, and how it will be utilized on a daily basis.

Plaza Outdoor Gas Fire Pit
Plaza Outdoor Gas Fire Pit


Make amenities easily accessible by including an outdoor kitchen, sink, refrigerator, or fireplace. By anticipating expected use and considering space, make life easier by having indoor conveniences readily available. Include comfortable lounge furniture for additional seating to create an inviting atmosphere.

Outdoor kitchen


When adding furniture and amenities space plays a major factor in the overall layout. Keep in mind walking room and daily use before buying appliances and furniture. The two should complement each other in order to create an open and inviting environment.


Landscape increases the attractiveness and appeal of an outdoor space. Landscape design should reflect and blend with the style of the home. This may include; simple flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, or simply a few potted plants. As with any design, space and functionality should be kept in mind.


Investing in a year-round space for your home increases the overall value. In the event that you plan to sell, having a well designed and functional outdoor space will increase equity and potential buyers’ interest. With this in mind, plan to purchase items of lasting quality versus quick fixes. As a result, you’ll have a relaxing environment that potentially pays in the future.

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