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Make the Most Out Of Fall With The 240Fire

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Fall is quickly approaching and before you know it football season, tailgates, and back to school events will soon start. For upcoming gatherings consider the 240Fire outdoor kitchen for your home.  Make the most out of the fall season by setting up your outdoor space now! 


First, it’s important to think about what you have in mind for fall. Are you planning on having a back to school, football, or tailgate party? Is so, consider what’s needed to prepare beforehand. For example, a back to school party may involve a number of kids swimming at the pool or playing in the backyard. A tailgate may require prep before leaving for a game. Football parties have groups of adults planning to grill and watch the game, so when planning for the fall think about your space and the upcoming season.  


After considering future use and plans, invest in products that will maximize your outdoor space. For frequent tailgating, a number of foods require prep before a game. This requires room to cut, smoke, grill, and chill ahead of time to allow for an easy set up at tailgate. A number of grills made for tailgate are small and limit grill quality.

By prepping ahead of time, it creates tasty food while making your game day experience what it should be…enjoyable! Outdoor kitchens for these events are well equipped for messy prep.

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Prefer watching the game on TV? Hosting a football party involves preparation, but allows for the ease of cooking at home. For these events, it pays to have a comfortable space that allows for a counter, grill, and beverage area. With an outdoor kitchen, there’s no longer the need to squeeze through a crowded indoor space to grab a beverage or snack. By having everything outdoors it creates open space to move with ease and allow for easy clean up after game-day festivities.

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With back to school around the corner, football season may be the last thing on your mind! Outdoor spaces allow for kids, teens, and family to enjoy gathering together with ease. These kitchens allow for use whether needing to chill cokes for the kids swimming in the pool, or planning to grill steaks on family dinner night.

There’s no longer a need to worry about outdoor messes being dragged into the house when the kids are playing. By having an outdoor kitchen it takes away the stress of a messy house and allows for more quality time with family and friends. 



After thinking about the above festivities and personal use, you may be thinking, “What should I get?” The 240Fire meets all of these needs and more! This multifunctional outdoor kitchen i high quality, and can be installed and ready for use in 240 minutes (around 4 hours)! The 240Fire takes the hassle out of designing and building an outdoor space.


Choose from our selection of brick/stone facing and granite countertops to personalize your kitchen. Each kitchen comes with a Del Sol grill and ranges from 5’, 7’, and 8’ islands. Depending on the size, the 240Fire may include a cooling drawer, storage, and side burner allowing you to customize according to your space and use. 


Make tailgating, hosting, and grilling easy. Your outdoor space has a world of potential to create memories that will last a lifetime. Make the most out of your backyard by creating an environment that fits your lifestyle. Call Trinity Fireside today to find out more about the new 240Fire!