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Living “The Life”Outdoors

By April 19, 2019 No Comments
Outdoor Living

By Kelly Simants

The time is here, we’ve all been waiting for it!  It’s time to break out of our winter fog! The air is crisp, birds are chirping, and the end of cold temps are nearing.  This is the time of year that inspires outdoor living!  Spring is a time for warmth, blooms and new growth.  We all want to be outside, free from the confines of walls.  Your outdoor living space has the ability to bring you peace as you’re drinking your morning coffee on the patio – or, enjoying an evening sipping your favorite pinot noir by the outdoor fire pit with good friends and family.

Your life outside is a continuation of your life inside.  It’s an extension of your living room, as your outdoor space has the capacity to host special guests, invite laughter and warmth into your home, and create a safe place for your family to enjoy.

The space outside of your home should reflect your personal style and also what brings you peace and happiness.  A true place of gathering, there is nothing better than keeping those you love close by.  Your home is your sanctuary, and opening up your walls to the space outside creates an even bigger oasis for everyone to enjoy or just a special place to retreat to after a long day.   

A few ways to enhance your space are with a beautiful Fire Bowl, the intriguing flames invoke warmth and a cozy ambiance that is a must to create an external continuation of your warm home.  This is a simple and affordable way to bring new life to your space in just a matter of hours.  A gorgeous outdoor fireplace can give your patio, deck, or outdoor living space a dramatic focal point. 

As outdoor rooms continue to rise in popularity so do the needs for a great outdoor kitchen!  The design and elegance for outdoor kitchens have come such a long way. In fact, the space that used to be considered in the same family as man caves is slowly being taken over by the females of the family, sorry guys, it’s time to share. Another way to create the perfect haven is with a comfy lounge area or a table and chairs for friends and family to gather around.  When it comes to functionality, design, appeal, and comfort, outdoor furniture has become just as relevant as its counterpart, the indoor stuff.  

Whether your style is edging more on vibrant colors and patterns or the simplicity of clean lines and muted tones, the sky’s the limit, and it couldn’t be more exciting!  Lush pillows, gorgeous fabrics, warm blankets, modern lines, delicately carved wood frames, aluminum, teak, wicker, and upholstery… your space…your way…is just waiting for you!      

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