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Give Dad The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift!

Kamado Joe Grils

Father’s Day is around the corner, and Trinity Fireside has the ultimate Father’s Day gift. Instead of giving the same present as the year before, why not surprise Dad with the gift of grilling! Here are a few products to consider…

Kamado Joe

For a more portable option, Kamado Joe grills feature thick shelled walls that lock in smoke and moisture at any temperature. These charcoal grills have vents, built-in thermometers, stainless steel, and much more! Choose sizes ranging from the Portable Joe (16″Wx22″ H) all the way up to the Big Joe (58″ Wx53″ H). To make these grills even more impressive, there’s now an app that allows control of the grill right from your phone! Dad can now enjoy spending time with everyone and continue to monitor the meal. For more information on Kamado Joe Grills visit

Kamado Joe Grill App
Kamado Joe Grill App

Delta Heat

These American made gas grills come as a built-in or movable unit depending on your needs. Delta Heat grills are stainless steel and include temperature gauges, easy open hoods, and various features depending on the model. The freestanding grills come in 26″, 32″ and 38″ wide (images below). The movable grill is perfect for spaces that have limited room and gives freedom to relocate the grill when needed.

For those planning an outdoor kitchen, built-in grills are a way to cook with ease while remaining in harmony with your outdoor design. These built-in grills come in 26″, 32″, and 38″ as well. Standard features include LED control panel lights, interior light, mirror polished accents, and more! In addition to exceptional grilling, add features such as a searing zone and rotisserie rack to cook even more foods to perfection.


These at first glance may appear like a work of art, but don’t let their appearance fool you. OFYR grills while aesthetically pleasing are perfect for social grilling year round! Its unique circular design makes grilling simple, versatile, and fun. There are a number of models to choose from depending on space and design preferences. The OFYR concrete (image below) is one of the various models that can be left in all weather conditions. This grill in particular, comes with a carbon steel heat resistant plate making it durable and easy to clean.

OFYR Concrete
Image by OFYR – OFYR Concrete

In spaces where counter space is lacking, the OFYR island pairs beautifully to make food prep easy and efficient. Bring the kitchen outdoors with the OFYR island. Have everything at hand to prepare with the solid wood chopping board and handy tray for utensils. In addition to the cooking unit, these islands provide conveniently designed wood storage below. Depending on your preference, OFYR has a number of options that make a gift Dad will love!

OFYR island
Image by OFYR – OFYR Island

No matter what you decide each grill gives the ability to fully enjoy and utilize grilling year-round with ease. Give a gift Dad will be excited about! Contact Trinity Fireside today to pick out the ultimate Father’s Day gift!