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Garage Opener Safety – Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

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Make sure to always watch the door close completely when using an automatic door.  Children and pets are at risk of getting caught if the safety beam is not working properly. Garage doors are designed to reverse when meeting an obstruction, so if your door is not readily reversing the opener’s sensitivity adjustment may be set improperly. 

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All garage doors since 1993 now have a reverse feature which is mounted near the floor. If the door is older, make sure it has a reverse feature in order to prevent possible injury. Photo eyes (reverse feature beam) should be mounted no higher than 6” off the floor to prevent small animals and children from being missed.

Garage Door with children
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A wall button should be mounted 5’ high on the wall to prevent children from opening and closing the garage door.  To keep children from playing with remote openers, make sure to store them out of reach. It’s important to teach kids garage door safety and to avoid playing near the door.

Wall mount opener Lift master
Wall Mount Opener by LiftMaster


To help prevent burglaries, check to see if your remote opener has a rolling code. Thieves are able to record the transmitter signal and later break in using your code. However, if your remote has rolling code technology it prevents this from happening due to code changes with every use. 

Genie Remote Opener
Genie Remote Opener

Whether installing a garage door or an opener, you should always have a trained technician to install and maintain your opener for safety. At Trinity Fireside, we provide high-quality products that keep your home safe! Choose from our selection of openers that are built with your protection in mind. For more about our garage door openers at Trinity Fireside feel free to contact us!