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Discover The Art Of The Outdoors With OFYR

By March 22, 2019 No Comments
OFYR classic


The purest expression of the OFYR. Designed to fit in with any surroundings, the OFYR Classic is a beautiful Corten steel object even when not in use. Light it up, and it turns every outdoor event into a special occasion.


OFYR’s wide grill and flat top create plenty of space to prepare food for family and friends! The circular design makes clean up quick and easy. Traditional grills involve cleaning grates and charcoal that are time-consuming and messy. With OFYR, simply use a spatula and cloth with oil to wipe once cool. OFYR reduces clean-up time so you can enjoy the outdoors and stop spending time on messes.

OFYR Concrete


Host a group with ease while grilling. The unique design allows for optimal and efficient cooking reducing the need to prepare one item at a time. Grill meat, vegetables, fruit, bread and more simultaneously with minimal cleanup. Make meal prep a one-step process that you look forward to each week! OFYR creates meals that are healthy, cost-efficient, and easy to prepare. Say goodbye to messes and hours in the kitchen, and say hello to a new era!


For those who are leery and new to grilling, there are a number of resources! Many websites have numerous recipes for preparing food that is quick, tasty, and easy. For meal prep allrecipes.com, delish.com, and asweetpeachef.com are places to start. When hosting parties and family gatherings, buzzfeed.com and foodnetwork.ca have a number of options to choose from as well.

Whether hosting guests or simply for personal use, OFYR creates numerous possibilities. For more information on your new OFYR grill visit trinityfireside.com today!