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Meet Ooni!

Fathers Day is just around the corner! Treat dad with the coolest pizza oven we have ever seen! Ooni Pizza Ovens!The World’s No. 1 Pizza Oven Company From creating the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven back in 2012, Ooni’s range of backyard pizza ovens allow you to become the ultimate home pizza chef. Ooni pizza ovens heat up in just 15 minutes to over 900˚F, which is the temperature you need to make restaurant-quality pizza – the ultimate heat for the ultimate crust! At those intense temperatures, you can cook incredible pizza at home in JUST 60 seconds. Whether you want wood-fired pizza flavor or the ultimate gas-powered convenience – welcome to a pizza oven that makes pizza better. Ooni Pizza Ovens Restaurant grade. Backyard made. Take charge of your outdoor cooking experience and cook authentic Neapolitan-style pizza at home in just 60 seconds with Ooni Pizza Ovens.     Gluten Free Pizza Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Love pizza but need a pizza dough that loves you back? Your days of eating store-bought, cardboard-like crusts are over! For those with celiac disease or who are avoiding eating gluten, our awesome gluten-free pizza dough recipe uses a certified gluten-free flour brand and…

Green Mountain Pellet Grills!

Father’s Day is Coming!! Through the Month of June get $150.00 off our best selling Prime pellets! Grill Smarter, Eat Better! Get Dad What He Really Wants! THE GMG DIFFERENCE How a Pellet Grill Works A digital controller manages the internal temperature by controlling the fuel and oxygen supply to the firebox.A motor turns the auger, which feeds pellets, into the firebox.A heat rod in the firebox ignites the pellets and a combustion fan keeps them burning.A micro-adjusted variable-speed fan and auger motor allow you to keep your grill and food at the temperature you set.The Venturi-style firebox creates the ultimate wood-burning fire, circulating pure hardwood smoke and flavor throughout the grill. Welcome to the new age of smart grilling! Smart Control Mobile App Bring your BBQ grilling to the 21st century! Downloading our app lets you grill with convenience from either the comfort of your home through WiFi point-to-point control or from wherever your day may take you through Server Mode which lets you control and monitor the grill remotely. Download the GMG app here: START GRILLING SMARTER Control and monitor grill & food temps Create and set cooking profiles Set timers & receive alerts Control and monitor grill…

Glens Fiery Poppers

These famous little poppers are too delicious for words! Glen is a magician with his chef skills! These little bites of incredible flavor will leave your guests wanting more! Fresh on the grill!

Adobe Chicken Street Tacos

There is lots of flavor wrapped up in these little tacos! I Like to use finely chopped purple and white cabbage for the beautiful color! Cojita Cheese named after a little town in Mexico adds a distinct elegance , with a mild salty flavor and firm texture Fresh Cilantro Pineapple top and bottom serve as end caps for chicken, adding extra flavor!