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Adobe Chicken Street Tacos

There is lots of flavor wrapped up in these little tacos! I Like to use finely chopped purple and white cabbage for the beautiful color! Cojita Cheese named after a little town in Mexico adds a distinct elegance , with a mild salty flavor and firm texture Fresh Cilantro Pineapple top and bottom serve as end caps for chicken, adding extra flavor!

Fireside Street Corn

The Perfect Side Dish or All By Itself!

Celebrate The Holidays By Your Fireside

Create ambiance and warmth that everyone can enjoy this holiday season. Below are reasons why having a fireplace is so beneficial. Heat Efficiently A fireplace aids your home’s central heating system. By using a fireplace you’re limiting energy costs in order to heat a specific room. You’ll notice savings on your energy bill by quickly heating a room instead of slowing warming the entire house. Inserts range in size, style, and build depending on your specific needs. Our varied selection gives a multitude of options to choose from. Easy Start up and Maintenance Whether looking for propane, pellet, gas, or electric. Trinity Fireside has inserts that make igniting a fire quick and easy. Traditional fireplaces need to be monitored and extinguished. This creates a mess and takes additional time. Our fireplace inserts start and stop with the push of a button. Maintaining a fireside is easier than ever with our experienced technicians. By having a yearly maintenance visit, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth without messy cleanup or start-up malfunctions. Design and function We provide a number of fireplaces that vary in design based on your style and intended use. Outdoor units extend the use of your home year-round. Utilize fire bowls…