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5 Ideas For Family Night With Trinity Fireside

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5 Ideas For Family Night With Trinity Fireside


One idea for family night is to set up in the living room for the ultimate game night! This an activity to enjoy the ambiance of your Trinity Fireside while spending time together. Whether it’s charades or old maid, relax and cherish the evening by your fireside. Play family favorites or come up with a new game.

Create activities that play to the strengths and talents within your families. Think about what makes the group unique and create a game that is just for you! For ideas visit https://moneysmartfamily.com/blog/family-game-night-games/

Eldorado Artisan Fire Bowls


Roasting smores is the perfect opportunity to utilize your Artisan Fire Bowl and/or fireside. Make things interesting and try using waffle cones, Oreos, peanut butter cups, or caramel! For ideas on different ways to make smores visit- https://sharedappetite.com/recipes/best-smores-recipe-ultimate-smores-bar/


Play music, relax, and enjoy crafting together! This can include; painting, drawing, coloring, origami, and much more. Aside from the benefit of quality time, crafts are a great way to improve children’s fine motor skills.

Create for fun or make a new addition to your home. This could be a picture in the kids’ room or a decorated centerpiece. Find what your family is interested in and build a project around that idea.  For craft ideas visit- https://www.parentalchoice.co.uk/crafting-kids-arts-crafts-can-help-enhance-childs-fine-motor-skills/


Come together and prepare a meal for the family! This is an opportunity to use one of Trinity Fireside’s grills. If you have small children, giving them a task such as folding napkins, or setting the table helps to safely include them in the process. For older children, cutting produce, measuring ingredients, and stirring food are several ways they can help.

Teach recipes that have been passed down through the family, or try something completely new! Either way, it creates time to talk, and enjoy each other’s company. For ideas on family meals visit- https://www.cookinglight.com/food/recipe-finder/recipes-families-make-together#pecan-topped-pumpkin-bread-recipes-with-roots

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Share a movie or book that you experienced as a child, or find a new movie/ book! This is an excuse to relax by your fireside and enjoy time together as a family. For parents with small children, finding family-friendly movies can be a challenge. Pre-screen movies that you may not have seen through this site. – https://www.parents.com/fun/entertainment/movies/50-best-videos-for-kids/

There are a number of ideas for family night!  At Trinity Fireside we work with you to create a space that is functional and comfortable for your family.  Visit trinityfireside.com to create your space today!