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4 Ways To Reduce Stress During The Holidays

By September 13, 2019 No Comments
fireplace maintenance

The holidays are near approaching and before we know it family and friends will be coming over to celebrate. While this a wonderful time of year, there can be a downside with all the work that comes with it. Planning and prepping for the holidays can take its toll and sometimes turn a joyful time of year into a stressful time. Below are a few things to start doing now in order to reduce stress and make the holidays even more enjoyable!

Outdoor fireplace


You’re cooking, cleaning, family is on the way over, and as you go to turn on the fireplace…. it’s not working!! If relying on an outdoor space (with a fireside) for additional seating you’re automatically limited to the indoors. Avoid this beforehand by having a maintenance appointment now. During burn season slots are limited, so avoid the wait and book!

Family room


It sounds like such a simple task, but forming a list makes a big difference and helps organize and prioritize what needs to be done. Think about each event that will be spent at your house, and the number of people will that attend. Take into account where everyone will sit, eat, drink, etc. Consider what will be needed in order to be comfortable, and then make a list. Tackle the larger tasks and work your way down until the holiday.

Outdoor grill


Based on the list, start investing now to make the holiday easier. Purchase a grill for easy cooking options and to open space in the kitchen. Install a fireside for your outdoor space to extend the indoors. Include furniture that best utilizes the space; lounge furniture to fold up chairs. Whatever the case, start taking steps ahead of time so that when the holiday arrives there are fewer tasks to tackle.



Eliminate unnecessary stress. This may mean cutting back the week of the holiday. Try not to overbook your schedule and leave time available for family and loved ones.

At Trinity Fireside we are here to help you prepare for the holidays. Our staff is happy to help whether checking your fireside or starting a project to prepare for fall.